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Today is my birthday! I’ve never been a super huge fan of birthdays and holidays, but I like birthdays for the reflection on the past and visions of the future that they can give.

Reflections on the Past

I’ve reflected a lot today on how busy I’ve made myself over the past few years. I like keeping busy, and I like working, a lot. However, I’ve done a lot of stuff that isn’t my love—but it’s still given me fun experience.

I’ve also reflected a lot on how I need to continue to improve. I love that about life—we aren’t perfect, but we can improve ourselves. We can be kinder, we can be gentler, and we can be better.

Visions of the Future

I’ve dedicated the last few years to editing. It’s been great. I love editing. But, it’s time to add in some writing. This upcoming year, I’m going to be applying to master’s programs in writing. I’m super excited. I need to up my game in writing!

I’m still going to be editing, though! I can never stop that. 🙂

So, I have a new website. I have a new beginning. Let’s do this thing!


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