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My friend, co-world-ruler, awesome person, etc. etc. etc. Mikki Kell is doing a #VictoryList instead of a list of goals for 2017.

While I think that’s great, I don’t think that’s best for me.

I want to conquer in 2017.

There’s a lot of mountains to climb in 2017. And I don’t just want to climb them. I want to conquer them.


When it hits December 31, 2017, I want my year to feel like that moment when Elle Woods realizes Warner is a doofus and then goes and buys her computer and starts studying. Oh, yeah, this is the internet, so I can share it with you…


Ah, yes. Best part in any movie.


I’m going to conquer in 2017. What am I going to conquer?

  • BYU: I have 34 credits to finish by April. Bring it on.
  • BYU Honors Program: I have 6 essays and 1 novel thesis between me and completing the honors program.
  • Academia: I have about 6 papers that I need to spruce up a little, put some makeup on, change the shade of lip stick, and give a good pampering to before they can get published. I want at least one of them to get published.
  • Publishing World: I’m going to get published in the fiction world too. Definitely not a novel (’cause those take a super long time to complete and get published) but maybe some short stories. #justpublishmeandtellmeimpretty
  • Gym: Yeah, it’s on here. Because I’m going to conquer it into the dirt! Sometimes I wish I was accustomed to swearing, because I would’ve put a word that starts with an m and ends in an r after a “You.” But I’ll let your mind fill that in.
  • LTUE 2017: Still a lot to do to prepare for it, but I’m going to conquer it all.
  • Goodreads: The only true number goal (besides maybe the credits and the papers…) is I want to read 100 books and document it in my Goodreads account. And write about some of those books on this blog. But, the key thing is conquering the Goodreads. Goodreads, you’re going down. (Follow my conquering!)
  • Other things: There’s a lot more coming my way this year. I’ll be joining Teach for America and traveling all the way to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to start a new chapter of my life; I have some novels to edit; I have some other things to do. Yeah. Always the work to do. #workaholic But the key is conquering it all. Come on, Genghis, teach me your ways.

So, in conclusion, the words of my favorite corgies, Dave and Henry:

#Conquer2017 #BringItOn

(PS: I also just finished the book Bossypants. So, I’m feeling fired up to take on anything the world throws. If Tina Fey can Tina Fey as well as she Tina Feys, then I can Adam McLain just as well.)

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