Adam McLain

Favorite Books

Books influence writers. Here’s my list of influential books and books that I have loved. I’d recommend any of these to you. (I’ll be periodically adding more books and adding explanations why I love the books.)

If you’re going to purchase these before reading them, please consider buying at your local bookstore. We need to keep local bookstores in business!

Once and Future King — T. H. White

The Chronicles of Prydain — Lloyd Alexander

Mistborn Trilogy & Warbreaker — Brandon Sanderson

Pit Dragon Trilogy & The Devil’s Arithmetic — Jane Yolen

The Night Angel Trilogy — Brent Weeks

Peace Like a River — Lief Enger

To Kill a Mockingbird — Harper Lee

Harry Potter Series — J. K. Rowling

A Darker Shade of Magic & This Savage Song — V. E. (Victoria) Schwab

Every Jane Austen book in existence

A Tale of Two Cities — Charles Dickens

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes — Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Temeraire series — Naomi Novik