Adam McLain

Editing Services

Editing is a science and an art. The science comes in forms of style and grammatical rules—that good ole Chicago Manual of Style and where to place the comma in a list (Note: I always follow the Oxford comma rule, unless directed otherwise).

Editing becomes an art when an editor and an author come together to really create something special. This comes in the back-and-forth emails, the near-midnight text messages, and the sharing of memes and moments. When editing a book, I like to be an integral part in the process. I come to love the books I work on almost as much as the author loves the book. I want the best for it, and as such, I dedicate my time and expertise to making it the best book it can be.

If you’re interested in letting me help you make your book a work of art, feel free to contact me at — let’s explore your worlds together.

My editing services come in different packages. Please peruse the services below and let me know which one you’re interested in. I charge project fees instead of hourly, and with each project being vastly different, I do not post prices. However, I love giving quotes, so please contact me for a quote.

Comprehensive Package

The comprehensive editing package is the premier package for those who want to self-publish. The package includes two (2) substantive edits and one (1) copyedit. The comprehensive editing package is a four-step process. The first step is a first read-through of the book. During this first read-through, I attempt to comprehend your story—the characters, the plot, the pacing, and the world. I create a personalized style sheet of character names, place names, and other parts of your story that need to be consistent within the story (you retain the rights to this style sheet for further work done on the book). Once this read-through is done, I sit down with you to discuss your book to make sure that I understand what you want shared with the world.

The first substantive edit will be a second thorough read-through where I edit the substance. I add comments throughout the story on places where the writing can improve or where the story is lacking. The edit is then returned, and you look through the comments and apply revisions to the novel.

The second substantive edit begins when you have returned the manuscript with changes made. This edit looks at those changes (the additions made, etc.) and adds comments throughout on the substance again. This edit is returned to make final large story changes.

The copyedit looks at the mechanics of the story. Even though copyedits happen throughout the substantive levels of editing, the copyedit focuses specifically on the punctuation and words used in each sentence.

If the author is seeking to self-publish the book, this package includes two (2) proofs for a small additional charge.

Basic Package

The editing package is the midlevel editing package that provides three editing passes of the book. The first read-through helps me learn about your book and the world you have created. During this read-through, I create a personalized style sheet (to help keep the character names, place names, etc. consistent) that you continue to own after I have created it. I will then speak with you about the book to understand your vision for the book—what you want to share and what the story is from your vocalized words.

The next pass of the book will focus on the substantive level. I add comments throughout the book that help strengthen your story, characters, plot, world, etc. When this edit is over, I return the manuscript to you to revise it according to the comments that I’ve made and how you feel the story should go.

Once you have implemented your revisions, I edit the book again with a combined substantive edit and copyedit. In this edit, I will focus on the mechanics of each sentence while adding comments throughout the story. The focus of this final editing pass is on the grammar, punctuation, and usage of the book.

If the author is seeking to self-publish the book, this package includes one (1) proof for a small additional charge.

Simple Package

The basic editing package provides a copyedit merged with a substantive edit. As I read through your book, I will be providing edits on the story, character, plot, and organization, while looking at the mechanics of each sentence.

If the author is seeking to self-publish the book, this package includes one (1) proof for a small additional charge.

Developmental Edit, Work-in-Progress Manuscript

Writing a novel can sometimes be a daunting mountain to climb. A developmental edit focuses on the big picture parts of your novel: character growth, plot, world building, magic system (if applicable), etc. For a manuscript that is a work-in-progress, I will work with you on a chapter-by-chapter basis, giving you encouragement as you write and help along the way.

Developmental Edit, Complete Manuscript

A developmental edit with the complete manuscript will provide you with a manuscript filled with comments on how to improve your book’s plot, character, world, etc. With a complete manuscript, I will provide you with a personalized style sheet (for consistency of character, place names, etc.), a letter explaining the overall issues and strengths of the novel, and comments throughout the book about how to strengthen your story.

Series Editor, Self-Published

When self-publishing a series, it is good to keep a consistent editor throughout the series. Each series is unique, so the price and amount of editing given in this option are variable. Contact Adam for more information on this option.

Self-Publishing Proofread

Have a professional editor proofread your story before it goes to print. Adam will read your novel and offer basic copyedits and design comments. A proofread is meant to catch final mistakes before it goes to print and tidy up anything that has been missed. It’s another set of eyes that help your book look even better for your readers.

Manuscript Critique

Do you need another set of eyes to look at your manuscript and give you large ideas? Adam will read your manuscript (of any length) and either give you a letter of explanation of what went well and what could be improved upon. For an extra $15, Adam will sit down for an hour with you and talk about your characters, story, etc. The session can be recorded or you can take notes.

Self-Publishing Packages

If you are self-publishing your work, I team up with Cherie Top, an excellent designer, in order to provide you with a cost effective way of getting your work edited and designed for publishing through Amazon CreateSpace and Kindle.